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Caramilk Celebrates its 40th Birthday
by Gail Chiasson
Oct 01, 2008
Caramilk has a long history in Quebec and is enjoyed more in that province than anywhere else, so it makes sense that its maker, Cadbury, chose Montreal for its biggest events celebrating Caramilk's 40th anniversary to thank Quebecers for their loyalty.

To celebrate this 40-year milestone, on Thursday, Oct. 2/08, Cadbury will be distributing 40,000 Cadbury Caramilk Bars at the Montreal Eaton Centre, beginning at 10:30 a.m..

And on Oct. 4, it has partnered with renowned Canadian performing artists Cirque Eloize to present two free spectacular Caramilk cirque 'Caramuse' shows at L'Olympia de Montréal Theatre. Tickets were offered on the Internet for one show but demand was so heavy for tickets that a second show has been added.

And in Montreal as well as the rest of Canada, Cadbury has partnered with various media to give away Caramilk prize packages.

Caramilk bars are made at the Gladstone Chocolate Factory in Toronto for Cadbury.

The Caramilk bar is a combination of soft, flowing caramel and creamy Cadbury chocolate, and the company has played up the secret of how the caramel gets into the bar as a loved, unsolved mystery. The Caramilk secret is recognized as one of the most successful advertising campaigns in Canadian advertising history. There have been more than 15 different television commercials featuring that theme.

For the celebration events, the event coordination and promotional partnership is being handled by Mosaic. Public relations is by Strategic Objectives. M2 Universal handles Caramilk's media buy. All are in Toronto.

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